Our newest update to the SwyftCG App (version 1.7) is finally here! Visit the Google Play or App Store to make sure your SwyftCG app is up-to-date. We have implemented new features and changes to our caregiver app in order to enhance user accessibility and make sure everything you need is in one place. Take a look at what’s new!

The Newest Updates to the SwyftCG App

My Past Work

SwyftOps now allows caregivers the ability to view and review hours worked, scheduled, and remaining for the period all in one place via the caregiver app! Admins can also grant caregivers access to view shifts from both the current and last pay period.

SwyftOps Caregiver App Features

Reset Device Data

Caregivers now have the ability to clear any cached data for the app on a smart device, in the event that they encounter any issues.

caregiver app profile features

Medication Information

Admins can now enable the option to show or hide client medications within the SwyftCG app! If medications are chosen to be shown, all medication details can be conveniently accessed right from the app. This update allows the ability for meds to be hidden from caregivers not qualified to administer or track meds, making it easier for the office to ensure that their caregivers do not attempt to complete a task involving meds.

medication information example from caregiver app

Enhance Your Business With Our Home Care Software Solution

These features were implemented based on feedback provided by subscribers like you. Stop delaying and enhance your home care business today with all of the dynamic features offered by SwyftOps! If you would like to learn more about how these updates can improve your ability to effectively manage your home care business, contact us today!

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