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Are you seeking a homecare management system solution for your franchise network that has a full flight of features? Franchisors (Zors) are discovering the operational and economic benefits of providing SwyftOps* homecare management system software to their franchisees (Zees). Take a closer look at all of the advantages to partnering with SwyftOps!

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* SwyftOps® is presented by Aegle Technologies, Wichita KS


Zors Flying High:

  • Royalties. A fully operational and customizable royalty module.
  • Aegle Eyes. Zor access to Zee activity for support and observation.
  • Vi-Zee-bility. Global reporting of Zee results for system benchmarking.
  • Collections. Integrated merchant services for royalty processing.
  • Sandbox. Free, full Zor account for functional testing.
  • Branding. Specify custom forms, care plans, surveys, invoices, etc.
  • Collaboration. Participation in your Zee sales funnel.
  • Partnership. Active involvement in your Zee events.
  • Inculcation. Onboarding and training tailored to your brand.
  • Support. All the time help for you, your Zees, and their employees.
  • Fee Flexibility. Consolidated or distributed subscription models.


Integrations toward Smooth Landings

Our software is designed to ensure that your home care business will run as smoothly as possible. We have many integration partners that help you control every aspect of your home care business seamlessly.

  • ADP/ Paychex / Paycor / Viventium. Aligned payroll processors.
  • HHAeXchange / Sandata / Tellus. Medicaid Open Claims Aggregators.
  • Homecare Pulse (Coming soon). World-class financial benchmarking.
  • In-the-Know (Coming soon). Industry-specific, online training.
  • Office Ally. Billing/payment clearinghouse services.
  • OMx Drugbank. Onboard medication and interaction database.
  • QuickBooks Online. Direct-bridge HIPAA-friendly bookkeeping assimilation.
  • Tapcheck. An on-demand pay alternative to predatory lending.
  • Vanco. Process via Vanco Merchant Services (ACH and credit cards).


Zees Achieving Greater Heights:

  • Power. SwyftOps boasts the most robust capabilities available in home care management software solutions.
  • Pace. A unified framework boosts data transfer for optimal speed.
  • Security. HIPAA, PCI, and SOX secure at all levels.
  • Defense. WebAuthN cryptographic authentication protocol is supported.
  • Accessibility. Biometric fingerprint or facial recognition credentials.
  • Devices. PCs, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Platforms. MS, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Reliability. Live-synchronized hardware clusters and database mirroring.
  • Consistency. Quadruple internet fiber data center redundancy.
  • Migration. Select data may be retrievable from legacy systems.
  • Orientation. Multiple business-based training sessions.
  • Support. 24/7/365 access to knowledge base, live chat, and phone.
  • Customization. Dynamic care plans, assessments, and forms.
  • Compliance. An EVV and HIPAA assured environment.
  • Kitchen Table. Client family access to relevant, helpful information.
  • Communication. Two-way archived HIPAA-compliant messaging.
  • Mini-CRM. An onboard contacts module includes tag grouping.
  • Efficiency. Message templates, group messages, and activity booking.
  • Facilities. Manage complex packages in community settings.
  • Compatibility. Multi-criteria matching of caregivers with open shifts.
  • Long-Term Care. The most effective LTC billing options in the homecare industry.
  • Range. Automatically fulfill travel time and mileage mandates.
  • Computations. Vigorous FLSA-conforming payroll and billing prep.
  • Insight. Robust distributable built-in and custom memorized reporting.
  • Monitor. Collect and channel incident and grievance reporting.


Flocks of Aegles (Partnerships with Zors and Other Groups)

  • Aventis Homecare International
  • At-Home Eldercare
  • At Your Side Home Care
  • ComForCare Home Care
  • Home Care ASK
  • Home Care Breakthrough Solutions
  • Homecare MemoRANDOM
  • Hurricane Marketing Enterprises
  • STAT Healthcare Consultants

24/7/365 Support

Becoming a SwyftOps Franchisor comes with 24/7/365 first-level and escalated support via phone, email, and live chat. SwyftOps is the only software in the homecare industry that offers this support, so you are never left alone, even after-hours and holidays. We also have a fully built out Knowledge Base, with articles and videos for anyone to learn SwyftOps software.

Let us know how we can help your home care agency by filling out the form below, or send us a message using the live chat. You can also schedule a no obligation demo or discovery call. If you have a question about our home care software’s capabilities or want to hear more about our unique platform, we’re here to help!

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