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How does SwyftOps store my client data?

SwyftOps permanently stores all client records in your account. Client records are organized by status: active, intake or lead, hospitalized, deceased, etc.

Does SwyftOps have a way for families to monitor care?

Yes, included in the SwyftOps subscription is access to the Family Portal. This provides families access to live service requests and updates, schedules, invoices, and agency staff messaging. The Family Portal login can be accessed at the home page of the SwyftOps website or, at https://SwyftOps.family

Will SwyftOps remind a caregiver about a client’s medications?

Yes, SwyftOps has medication reminders as well as specific drug information provided by OMx DrugBank. Also accessible is a drug-to-drug interaction report which describes the effect of mixing medications.

Can I access old client assessments in SwyftOps?

Yes, included in your subscription is unlimited storage. This includes client assessments. All past and current assessments are archived and accessible.


Can SwyftOps process billing for multiple, proportional hierarchal payers while recognizing limits and tracking authorization expirations?

Yes, SwyftOps can automatically split invoices in order to bill multiple payers.


Are clients able to ask their caregivers to create additional shifts, instead of contacting the agency?

Yes, the caregiver app includes an Ad Hoc Scheduling feature to add new shifts for clients, may require scheduler approval.

How far in advance can SwyftOps build schedules?

SwyftOps can generate schedules as far in the future as you want. (ADD)

Can SwyftOps accommodate facility/community scheduling?

Yes, facility packages and schedules can be customized. Caregivers use the caregiver app to access and fulfill their facility schedule and tasks.

Does SwyftOps accept paper flow sheets from caregivers?

SwyftOps is designed to support a paperless business. SwyftOps can help you make that transition. However, paper flow sheets can easily be recreated within your SwyftOps account.

Can I schedule 24-hour care or live-in clients with SwyftOps?

Yes, the SwyftOps scheduling, payroll, and billing modules can handle the complexities of 24-hour and live-in care.

Can SwyftOps assign scheduled breaks for caregiver during their shift?

Yes, you may schedule breaks for a caregiver during their shift. Most often breaks are used for live-in or 24-hr care.


Can SwyftOps help manage contacts?

Yes, included in the SwyftOps subscription is a mini-CRM for contact relationship management. Contacts are stored and categorized with ease. Our CRM will help with the burden of managing lots of contacts.

Can SwyftOps help me send newsletters or promotions?

Yes, the mini-CRM included with SwyftOps easily sends messages to individuals, groups, or all contacts.


What is the monthly subscription fee for SwyftOps?

Monthly fees are transparent and start as low as $100 for up to 250 hours. Fees are based on billable hours, not client census or revenue. This means that agencies are not penalized for short shifts or higher billing rates.

What is the subscription contract for SwyftOps?

SwyftOps subscription grants access to all features and updates. The subscription is initially one year, and then month-to-month.

What does it cost to transfer my data from my current software to SwyftOps?

To the extent possible, agencies with legacy systems may migrate data to SwyftOps. Migration consultations are complimentary. The data migration fee is equivalent to the corresponding one-month subscription fee from the table on our pricing page.


What training is provided to new subscribers?

SwyftOps requires new subscribers to attend four live 1-hour training sessions with an optional fifth. Each session is recorded for review. Training is scheduled at the subscriber’s pace, although we recommend a 45-day maximum to complete training in its entirety.

What if I need additional training aside from the normal routine?

SwyftOps offers monthly webinars to review new and upcoming features. Apart from these webinars, each subscribers may also schedule a one-on-one training session with a SwyftOps agent once a month.


Will SwyftOps notify caregivers of upcoming shifts?

Yes, upcoming shift reminders are sent directly to caregiver via app. An agency can set the specific time before shifts to alert caregivers.

How many employees can I add to my SwyftOps account?

SwyftOps allows for unlimited caregivers, clients, and users.

Does SwyftOps have a caregiver app?

Yes, the SwyftCG App provides EVV compliance, shift reminders, travel directions, automatic timesheet generation, task recording, late/early shift alerts, and two-way messaging. SwyftCG App also allows caregivers to bid for open shifts and provides offline capabilities to facilitate reporting and EVV compliance, even in rural or facility settings where connectivity may be absent.

Can SwyftOps remind me when caregiver licenses are about to expire?

Yes, a license tracker alerts you and the caregiver when licenses are about to expire. This feature can also be applied to other credentials that expire.

Does SwyftOps have built-in messaging?

Yes, included in the SwyftOps subscription is unlimited two-way messaging. This messaging platform is 100% HIPAA compliant.

Can caregivers report incidents via the mobile app?

Yes, included in the SwyftOps subscription is unlimited two-way messaging. This messaging platform is 100% HIPAA compliant.


Can SwyftOps calculate travel time pay and travel mileage reimbursements?

Yes, SwyftOps has a robust gross pay calculator. Travel time pay and travel mileage reimbursement are automatically calculated for your caregivers when applicable.

Does SwyftOps provide any capability to export payroll data?

Yes, SwyftOps can export payroll data for several third-party processors (ADP / Viventium / Paychex / PayCor).

Can SwyftOps handle state-specific payroll overtime calculations?

Yes, we have a variable setting designed to accommodate state requirements.


Can SwyftOps create and send client invoices?

Yes, SwyftOps creates and emails invoices directly to payers, or they can be printed for traditional distribution.

Does SwyftOps have integrations for bookkeeping or any claims management software?

Yes, an integration with your QuickBooks Online subscription. SwyftOps also has integrations and form generation with multiple claims management solutions – SanData, HHA Exchange, CMS-1500 forms, and EDI 837I/P claim files generation.

Can SwyftOps process ACH or credit card payments from my clients?

Yes, via a separate account with our payment solutions partner, Vanco. With a SwyftOps and Vanco combination, you can easily manage payments from clients.


Does SwyftOps have built-in reports?

Yes, SwyftOps has a robust selection of reports. Also, an advanced reporting feature lets you create your own, custom reports.

Can I view an aging summary of client balances?

Yes, SwyftOps has an aging review report.

Does SwyftOps display business performance results?

Yes, included in the SwyftOps subscription are performance dashboards where you can review revenue, gross margin, average rates, billed hours, and more.


What type of support does SwyftOps provide if I need assistance?

SwyftOps offers live 24/7/365 first-level and escalated support to all subscribers.

Does SwyftOps support my caregivers if they need help?

Yes, included in the SwyftOps subscription is unparalleled support. We support your caregivers just as we would you.

Does SwyftOps have a virtual library for subscribers to review features and/or new content?

Yes, included is our Knowledge Base of videos and articles. Each demonstrates how features work and how they benefit your agency.

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