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Does SwyftOps have a caregiver app?

Yes, included in the SwyftOps subscription is access to the SwyftCG Appsm which provides EVV shift compliance, shift reminders, travel directions, automatic timesheet generation, task recording, late/early shift alerts, open shift notifications, profile updates, expiring credential alerts, and two-way agency staff messaging. SwyftCG App also allows caregivers to claim open shifts, and provides offline capabilities that allow scheduling and EVV compliance, even in rural or facility settings where connectivity may be absent.

Does SwyftOps have a way for families to monitor the care?
Yes, included in the SwyftOps subscription is access to the Family Portal. This provides families access to live service requests and updates, schedules, invoices, and agency staff messaging. The Family Portal login can be accessed at the home page of the SwyftOps website or https://swyftops.family
What is the monthly subscription fee for SwyftOps?
Monthly fees are transparent, and start as low as $100 for up to 250 hours, or 40 cents per hour. Fees are based on scheduled hours; not client census or revenue meaning agencies are not penalized for short shifts or high billing rates.
Does SwyftOps have integrations for bookkeeping or any claims management software?
Yes, included in your subscription is an integration with your QuickBooks Onlinesm subscription. SwyftOps also includes integrations with multiple claims management solutions (SanDatasm, HHA Exchangesm, CMS-1500 forms, and EDI 837I/P claim files generation).
What is the subscription contract for SwyftOps?
SwyftOps subscription grants access to all available features as well as any updates as they roll out. The subscription is initially one year, and then month-to-month.
Does SwyftOps provide any ability to export payroll data?
Yes, SwyftOps does provide capability to export payroll data for third-party processing (ADPsm / Fraxsm/ Paychexsm / PayCorsm).
What does it cost to transfer my data from my current software to SwyftOps?
SwyftOps offers data conversion at a capped fee of $250. Prior to any data conversion, a complimentary conversion assessment will be provided.
What type of support does SwyftOps provide if I need assistance?
SwyftOps offers live 24/7/365 first level and escalated support to all subscribers.

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