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Keeping Up with SwyftOps Environment – v1.20


As we are almost every quarter, we have a brand new release. At SwyftOps we receive subscriber feedback and work hard to convert that into new helpful features! We’re excited to announce a slew of new enhancements will be released over the next few days.

Like SwyftOps itself, these upgrades are designed to improve your experience and enhance your ability to effectively manage your business year-round.

This update will be released to all locations starting the week of May 15th.


Attend our live demonstration of new features:

CLICK HERE: Thursday, May 11th, 2023 at 12pm CT

Note: Please ensure all user permissions have been updated to allow access to the new features that have been added.


Who Did You Send to the Client’s Home?


SwyftOps has selected Critical Research as its integration partner for background checks!  Their FCRA-certified team understands laws that affect jurisdictions within the US and Canada. This allows us to provide our subscribers with SwyftSend!

Employers can conduct checks from beginning to end from the SwyftOps interface and typically with no need to interact with applicants.

Each includes a social security number (SSN) trace, both 7-year address-to-criminal and county criminal scans, national criminal database search (all names) including sex offender registries, federal criminal records, and a driving record (DMV) check.

While there is no set-up fee and no monthly minimum, there is a cost  ($21.95 per background check as described above).  Be sure to review terms and conditions before enabling this option in SwyftOps.

Learn more about SwyftSend!


Who Opened the Door When They Got There?


Workplace safety cannot be ignored, and lawmakers are taking notice. OSHA and 9 states are already preparing for legislation that protects in-home workers.

When your employees enter clients’ homes, there is a startling possibility they will be victimized. According to, 61% of homecare workers have experience violence or harassment to some degree.  And per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 1.5 million attacks on healthcare workers per year (2020).

We have partnered with groundbreaking provider Client Guard Inc. to provide SwyftFriend!

SwyftOps subscribers can initiate affordable public record scans of clients, guarantors, and family members or others who may be present at worksites.

There is no set-up fee. A monthly $30 subscription prepays for up to 10 total scans (either criminal or financial versions) in that month.  Additional scans of either type are just $3 each.  Be sure to review terms and conditions before enabling this option in SwyftOps.


Learn more about SwyftFriend!


An Easier, Faster, Electronic LTC Claims Workflow!

  • Greater visibility of claim status
  • Submissions are scrubbed for faster remittance
  • Payments post automatically to invoices in SwyftOps

SwyftOps has selected illumifin Inc. (formerly LTCG) as its preferred long-term insurance claims integration partner.

illumifin is the leading insurance third-party and claims solution for all long-term care (LTC) insurance claims. SwyftLTCI serves all the top 10 insurers and over 100,000 providers overall.

Submission of claims digitally to SwyftLTCI means they are reviewed and filtered which minimizes rejections for faster remittances.

Subscribers have visibility of their claim status through illumifin portal so you know immediately that your submissions have been received!

Learn more about SwyftLTCI!


Other Features Included in This Release Are:

(Join us for the live demonstration mentioned above for a peek!)


  • Exclude archived payers from invoice generation.
  • HHAeXchange billing period submit dates/times.
  • Prevent billing period deletion if there are claims submitted to Office Ally or SwyftClaim.
  • SanData billing period submit dates/times.
  • UB-04 report and 837I EDI – map Field 63.
  • Adding new other payers to client records defaults to 100% lifetime maximum.



  • Actual schedule on Caregiver Review screen.
  • Add service description in CG rating emails.
  • Copy Caregiver Hire/Termination dates and Notes to Caregiver Notes.
  • Navigation between CG records.
  • Quick add note from CG Review screen.
  • Search by Employee #.
  • Search by Telephony ID.
  • Sync to Listen360 option for caregivers.



  • Actual schedule on Client Review Screen.
  • Add caregiver to client care team via global set.
  • Alternate Medicaid ID.
  • Change Insured ID to Insured ID/PIMS ID.
  • Diagnosis codes per client authorization.
  • HIPPA and POA contact checkboxes.
  • Multiple client addresses.
  • Navigation between client records.
  • Oasis E.
  • Outstanding balance on Client Review screen.
  • Quick add note from Client review screen.
  • Save to PDF/print drug interactions.
  • Search by Client ID.
  • Sync to Listen360 option for clients.



  • Planning Map.



  • Assessments – add number of lines for text areas.
  • Dynamic Forms – add number of lines for text areas.
  • Increase HCPCS code length.
  • Make subject required during mass send for all types of communication.
  • Options to send CG Ratings weekly or monthly.
  • Permission to change employee number.
  • System option to disable Caregiver SSN configuration.
  • Reminders feature added to additional areas.


Family Portal

  • Publish live notes and tasks completed from CG app in real time.



  • Add CareBridge missed visit code/reason/explanation to advanced reports.
  • Add HHAeXchange missed visit code/reason/explanation to advanced reports.
  • Add Netsmart missed visit code/reason/explanation to advanced reports.
  • Add filter for Do Not Satff to Caregiver-Client History report.
  • Add filter for Do Not Staff to Client-Caregiver History report.
  • Add vitals to EVV Flowsheet report.
  • Add Cash Posting to advanced data source.
  • Company Phone on invoices when there is no secondary phone.
  • Corporate Reports:
    • Caregiver Analytics.
    • Client Analytics.
    • Intake Conversion.
    • Total Revenue, Billed Hours, and Gross Pay.
  • Home Care Pulse Benchmarking report.
  • Revenue by Department report.



  • Netsmart Florida integration.
  • Prevent creation of a PATTI (telephony) shift when phone is “Restricted”.
  • SanData integration for Ohio.
  • SanData visit change reason codes.
  • Schedule – EVV Settings – SanData OpenSAM – make round time have a minimum value of 1.



  • Allow Schedule Generation when client only has a Monthly Schedule.
  • Flowsheet change attestation.
  • Option for notifications per territory.
  • Multiple Client addresses.


SwyftCG App

  • Ability for caregivers to enter reimbursements.
  • Allow editing of caregiver availability via the app.
  • Allow to enter incidents for old dates/schedules.
  • Extend the duration for the message shown when the client exceeds service hours/mileage on the app.


Wow! These features appeared because of suggestions provided by SwyftOps users!

If you have any questions regarding how these updates can improve your ability to effectively manage your business, please schedule time with our support team.

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