At SwyftOps, one of our highest priorities is using subscriber feedback to develop new features that improve your experience and enhance your ability to effectively manage your home care business. We are excited to announce that our updated platform version includes new improvements that do just that! Some features to highlight include our built-in Contacts module, the SwyftCG App Surveys feature including a COVID-19 symptom tracker, an Admin Staff Timekeeping module, and much more!

What’s New with our Home Care Software

  • Contacts Module- We’re now providing powerful functions to manage contacts with more enhancements to come! Learn More.
  • SwyftCG App Surveys- Our COVID-19 screening survey is available on the SwyftCG app, which allows subscribers to create custom surveys that are presented to employees. Learn More.
  • Admin Timesheets- This new feature allows administrative staff to more efficiently report their hours worked and accommodates dual-role employees to ensure accurate overtime calculation. We also added Timesheets to help with payroll processing, expenses, and overtime. Learn More.

Additional Improvements to Existing Features:

  • Billing- Billing adjustment improvements & additional field maps. We also updated the Schedule View
  • Bill Rates- Permissions to allow/deny visibility of billing rates in scheduled shifts.
  • Clients- Nurse note feedback, pharmacy and medication management & family portal reset.
  • Home- Schedule timezone adjustments & updated financial dashboard.
  • Reports- Pre-built reports & schedule auditing.
  • Schedule- Increased ability to lock and cancel shifts, caregiver smart matching & client address distance.
  • Settings- Canadian localization options.
  • SwyftGC App (Shared Notes)- A freeform text field was added below the narrative field for notes, recap, or info about clients.

If you have any questions regarding our new updates please contact us at 1-855-9938, or request a demo today!

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