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March 13, 2021

(Wichita, Kansas) – SwyftOps, a leading homecare operating system, has negotiated significantly lower ACH processing fees from its merchant services provider. SwyftOps subscribers own or franchise homecare and healthcare agencies throughout the United States and Canada, and have the option for fully integrated payments from Vanco Payment Solutions.

ACH (automated clearinghouse) transactions are a convenient and rapid method for subscribers to receive payments from their clients. These transactions are also known by other names such as EFT (electronic fund transfers), direct payments, or bank drafts. SwyftOps subscribers will now incur a flat fee of 25 cents per transaction for enrolled clients. (Previously, an additional 0.5% of the payment was adding up to $25 to each transaction fee.) Chris Trempe, vice president of SwyftOps mentioned, “Elimination of this fee should remove the last objection subscribers may have had. There is no longer a need to use an external payment solution. Vanco is fully integrated and can process both credit card and ACH client payments.”

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SwyftOps is a core operating system and overall software solution for a homecare business. Its startup-to-enterprise scalability frees up subscribers to focus on quality of care and business growth. It’s a secure HIPAA-compliant vault for employee and client data, and strategically combines that data to offer and assign shifts, and formulate schedules. It’s an EVV-compliant timekeeping and privacy-assured communication tool. It’s an FLSA gross payroll calculator, and an invoice generator for both simple and complex payer scenarios. SwyftOps includes a mini-CRM for early business development. It’s both the origin of and destination for assessments and care plans, for care notes, and a permanent document archive. Learn more at

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Chris Trempe 
855-55-Swyft (855-557-9938)

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