SwyftOps mobile app client record for health care agencies

Tah Dah! At SwyftOps, we love turning subscriber feedback into helpful features! We’re excited to announce many enhancements that will be released over the next few days. Like SwyftOps itself, these upgrades are designed to improve your experience and enhance your ability to effectively manage your business.




Our Newest Ally – Office Ally – Is Right Up Your Alley!

office ally logo

We’re proud to introduce Office Ally – a new billing clearinghouse. Office Ally is a full-service clearinghouse where you can submit to participating payers for little to no cost! With over 5,000 associated payers, no contracts, and free training and support, Office Ally brings incredible value to our subscribers!


Viventium… Did We Just Inventium Another Payroll Export?

viventium logo

Yes, we did. Viventium provides a flexible software platform designed to meet the needs of the home care industry. With a full suite of services like applicant tracking, payroll, and a learning management system, we’re happy to provide our subscribers with another payroll export option to make payroll processing as seamless as possible.


Scanning the Horizon to Find New Features… Medication Barcodes!

swyftops medication scanner

Once again, our development team has pulled out all the stops to make client med documentation easier than ever! Now, any device with a web browser and camera can quickly scan medications into client records.


Shifts, Dashboards, and Other Auto Parts!

swyftops schedule request dashboard

To enhance our existing open shift request feature, we’ve added a schedule request dashboard. Managing your open shift requests and approving them is now a streamlined process with an intuitive interface and automated notifications for your staff!


Other Features Included in This Release Are:


  • Bulk Vanco payment processing
  • Vanco transaction limits


  • Caregiver tags


  • Multiple emails for sending schedules
  • Expired payment authorization enhancements
  • Per shift discount improvements
  • Per payer revenue sources


  • Public ICS link for calendar sync
  • Google OAuth integration


  • Intake conversion dashboard


Family Portal
  • Additional family portal permissions
  • Care vault document access
  • Authorize Vanco payment method for office use


  • Sandata integration improvements


  • Option to collapse the side menu


  • Per payer Medicaid ID


  • Admin timesheet enhancements
  • Upcoming bonus improvements


  • Multiple new pre-built reports
  • New data fields for custom reporting


  • Shared notes improvements
  • Client and caregiver contact cards


  • Encrypt and password-protect forms
  • Option to delete forms


SwyftCG App
  • Enter unavailable time in the app
  • Requested shift visibility in-app


And much, much more!

Abracadabra! These features appeared because of suggestions provided by SwyftOps users!

If you have any questions regarding how these updates can improve your ability to effectively manage your business, please contact us at 1-855-55-SWYFT or request a demo.

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