SwyftOps mobile app client record for health care agencies

It’s like magic! At SwyftOps we love turning subscriber feedback into new features! We’re excited to announce that a new platform version with a number of enhancements will be released over the next few days. Like SwyftOps itself, these upgrades are designed to improve your experience and enhance your ability to effectively manage your home care business.




Ad Hoc Scheduling!

ad hoc scheduling app feature

SwyftOps is making scheduling easier than ever! With the new ad-hoc scheduling feature, you can allow caregivers to build their own shifts right from the SwyftCG app!


Caregiver Bonuses!

Caregiver bonuses app feature

We’ve added automated bonuses for caregivers! Birthdays, anniversaries, on-time, and quality bonuses can now be automated and included in payroll processing!


Schedule Tags!

schedule tags app feature

Managing your schedule can, at times, be a daunting task. Now, with schedule tags, we’re providing you with the tools to make managing your schedule a breeze!


Tellus Integration!

Tellus logo

We’re approved as an alternate EVV vendor through Tellus in the state of Georgia. Our list of states in which we’re approved keeps growing! If you need to connect your SwyftOps account with an EVV aggregator, please reach out to support so we can walk you through the process!


Other Features Included in This Release Are:


  • EDI file generation improvements
  • Enhanced facility billing generation
  • Custom invoice terms per client
  • Custom private invoice formatting additions


  • Late/Early shift alert enhancements
  • Caregiver complaint improvements


  • Supervisory visit enhancements
  • Client complaint improvements


  • Notes for facility tasks


  • Sandata integration improvements
  • QuickBooks Online sync enhancements


  • Mark messages as unread


  • Upcoming bonuses for caregivers
  • Sick and vacation hours for admin timekeeping
  • Granular holiday pay for individual shifts


  • Numerous report improvements
  • Over 15 new pre-built reports
  • New data fields for custom reporting


  • Scheduled breaks enhancement
  • Custom column size and order on the schedule search screen


  • Control custom note categories
  • User signatures and custom email signatures


  • Additional merge fields for care managers
  • Sender signature for two-party signatures


SwyftCG App
  • Option to require a note if a task is declined


And much, much more!

Abracadabra! These features appeared because of suggestions provided by SwyftOps users!

If you have any questions regarding how these updates can improve your ability to effectively manage your business, please contact us at 1-855-55-SWYFT or request a demo.

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