When it comes to caring for loved ones with complex needs, there has been a shift in the narrative – instead of relying on group homes to care for the elderly or disabled, many families are taking it upon themselves to care for loved ones. The advantages of enlisting home care services give many families peace of mind that their loved ones will be comfortable and properly cared for in their own homes. Similarly, when home care services use home care software, organizations can operate more easily.

1. Everything Electronic

These days, everything is going digital, and it’s not only because going paperless is better for the environment. When everything is electronic, it’s a simple matter to have all the resources you need to run your business at your fingertips. Everything from HR and payroll to specific information about clients can be found at the drop of a hat.

Going digital is truly all about organizing data and making it easily accessible. When you spend less time sorting through paperwork every day, it becomes much easier to manage clients and employees. Additionally, when everything is electronic, there is a higher rate of productivity across the entire organization. In fact, investing in home care software is really an investment that will help your business grow.

2. Easier Scalability

One of the bigger advantages of good software for your home care agency is the fact that you can easily scale the software to match your current business demands. Easy scalability makes it infinitely easier to grow your business and your business operations at the same time. When your business is constantly able to operate at peak efficiency thanks to software, you have more resources to devote to marketing your services and building your brand recognition.

3. Secure Data Vault

When it comes to home care, securing client data is a top priority. Because your home care agency has access to confidential information about a client and their needs, it’s a top priority to ensure that the client’s data is safe and protected. The secure data vaults built into software systems such as SwfytOps enable better privacy and protection for client information.

Another thing to consider is the private information of your employees. This is particularly important when it comes to payroll and hiring files, since this data may have personal identifying information about employees that you are responsible for protecting. Data leaks of personal employee data can be a huge detriment for small businesses and growing agencies, so it’s better to be safe with ultra-secure data vaults included with software packages.

Why You Should Care About HIPPA Compliance

There are certain laws and regulations that factor into how you should secure your client data. In particular, HIPPA compliance is a huge aspect of client privacy, which means that all of your data needs to fall into compliance guidelines. The best way to do this is to use software that has built-in security that helps you maintain HIPPA compliance laws.

As a note, caring about your HIPPA compliance isn’t important only for patient privacy – being out of compliance can be a costly mistake, especially for growing organizations.

4. Timekeeping Compliance

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a system used by home care providers to claim their hours for payroll. Just like clocking in and out of work, EVV gives providers the ability to claim the hours they have worked digitally in real-time. However, it’s important that your EVV is compliant with your state and local laws and that there is privacy for providers who are claiming hours.

5. Payroll and Invoice Ease

Payroll and invoices can be a difficult task for home care agencies since most providers work with several different clients and have different hours that are claimed each month. Unlike salaried work, the invoice for providers tends to vary month to month based on the services being provided to the client each visit and how long each visit is.

The SwyftOps system is unique because it has an FLSA gross payroll calculator and an invoice generator that makes it easy to assign and claim hours for each individual provider. This level of ease will make each pay period smoother and help your employees receive the correct payments on time.

How Software Helps With Scheduling

This type of software also makes it easier to combine data in a way that enables faster shift assignments and schedule formations. If your home care service is an agency managing several shifts for several clients and providers, then it may be a good idea to use software that caters to these needs so shifts and payroll can be processed without any issues.

6. Document Archive

There is a lot of documentation that goes into homecare services. For example, each client has their own care plan that is personalized to their condition and the care that they require. It’s not uncommon to also provide care notes, particularly for clients who have multiple providers, such as respite care or complex needs that need around-the-clock attention.

Being able to use a permanent archive that will save these client notes and care plans will put your business in a more productive position. This type of archive also makes it easier to track the way the client’s care needs change over time, which will also make it easier to care effectively for the client. Even case managers can benefit from this type of data storage, such as for processing annual reviews.

If you want your home care agency to run smoothly, then it’s possible you may want to make the transition from paperless to electric sooner rather than later. Going fully electronic for your agency will make your life easier in so many ways, such as having better scalability, ensuring employee and client privacy, staying compliant, and simplifying payroll and invoices. To learn more about how home care software can make your life easier and benefit your business, contact SwyftOpts today.

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