Perhaps you’ve been thinking for some time about going paperless, or maybe you’re only now beginning to consider it as a viable option for your agency. Either way, the right home care software can reduce cumbersome tasks and simplify operations for all team members. As a bonus, it can even help you meet federal EVV mandates.

Let’s start with the most obvious reason going paperless can help your agency: it eliminates clutter and hard-to-find records that impede efficiency. In other words, you can quickly access the information you need without sorting through piles of paper. And because care models are shifting to become more client-centric, going digital reduces paperwork burdens so you can focus on the core of your business: people.

Technology is now considered routine in most industries, and home care is no different. Your clients will increasingly expect your processes to be digital, and to stay relevant in this landscape, you need to meet these expectations. The days of presenting timesheets to be signed and verified by clients have passed, and continuing with these outdated practices can leave a negative impression on clients.


Easier Than You Think

Many agencies fear going paperless because of the time involved. But SwyftOps is designed with operational efficiency in mind. Client-facing documents can be customized, and the built-in two-way messaging system is already HIPAA-compliant to save time and energy. In short, this software allows you to transition from paper to digital processes without compromising service delivery.

But SwyftOps is more than home care software. It’s a complete workflow management tool with features that include:

  • Late/early shift alerts
  • Shift reminders
  • Open shift notifications
  • Travel directions
  • Task recording
  • Expiring credential alerts
  • Agency staff messaging
  • Automatic timesheet generation
  • Exportable payroll data
  • 100% customizable care plans, assessments, and forms
  • Robust billing capabilities
  • Facility module
  • Contacts CRM


EVV Shift Compliance

From the tasks listed above, it’s clear SwyftOps can streamline your agency and give you a 360-degree view of operations wherever you are – at home, in the office, or on the road. It also ensures compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act that requires agencies to maintain an electronic visit verification (EVV) system for home care services provided and reimbursed under Medicaid.

This mandate ensures people get the services they are promised and similarly reduces fraudulent care claims. It’s a crucial component of home care and, thanks to SwyftOps and its downloadable app, can be seamlessly integrated into other functions so you’re not forced to grapple with multiple software packages. Additional benefits of EVV compliance include the ability to monitor patient visits, calculate billable hours, and keep lone workers safe on shifts.


Family Portal

Communication among team members is critical, but it’s equally important with clients and their families. Unfortunately, this is an area where it’s easy to fall short; picking up the phone isn’t always possible, especially when people have questions for you outside of traditional business hours. Emails likewise get lost, and texts from multiple family members can be hard to organize.

The family portal on SwyftOps eliminates all of these obstacles and provides a central place where clients and their families can access, in real-time, messages to agency staff, invoices, schedules, and service requests. These capabilities encourage communication so clients feel like active participants in their care.


Advanced Smart Schedule

When a client request comes through, you must devote time to matching the specifics of that request to a provider’s availability, skills, and proximity – not to mention additional factors. While it’s true such a search takes you away from other tasks, the needs of your clients come first. Meaning it’s hard to grow your agency for the future when you’re always stuck in the present.

What if you could collect all of this information in one place without having to search through paper schedules and emailed availability sheets? The advanced smart schedule feature with SwyftOps provides this exact capability so you can attend to more clients more quickly. This feature also helps you manage alternate week schedules and identifies variable availability.


What Going Digital Means for You

Learning about the capabilities of home care software is great, but it can be hard to really discern the benefits to you and your agency. We’re talking about documented visits at the time of care, which instantly delivers information to clients, their families, administrators, and providers. This allows you to more efficiently manage employee service and patient care.

You can also quickly address issues as they arise rather than hours or days later. Current information is always ready for viewing so concerns can be noted and resolved before they escalate. Going digital also allows you to:

  • Submit billing quickly, unlike paper documentation that requires days or weeks to process
  • Reduce administrative overhead and mileage expenses as caregivers no longer need to drive to the office for paperwork
  • Connect and engage with providers to build a more cohesive team
  • Cut the time spent checking schedules, mapping destinations, and completing timesheets to focus on caregiving


Size Doesn’t Matter

You might be thinking your agency is small, and as such, you don’t need a fully functioning software package. But the truth is that agencies of all sizes need to be focused on efficiency, which is the foremost reason to go digital. Even if most of your functions are digitized now, you’re likely using multiple platforms to complete multiple tasks. This ultimately isn’t much more effective than the age-old process of completing and managing paperwork.

And before you fear the price is too much for your budget, consider this: monthly fees start as low as $100. Our commitment to transparency means no registration or set-up fees, and we include:

  • Unlimited platform access
  • Unlimited employees
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited shifts
  • Unlimited data storage

Bringing your agency into the digital world is easier, faster, and more affordable than you likely imagined. We can even transfer data from your current platform to keep you running optimally.

Your software should work with you to complete tasks, improve communications, and meet the needs of your clients. SwyftOps was designed with such functionality in mind. Learn the many benefits going digital can offer your agency – schedule your free consultation and/or platform demonstration today by contacting SwyftOps.

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