“That Other Homecare Group”

(Wichita, Kansas) – Frax LLC and its associated company SwyftOps have announced the formation of Homecare MemoRandom, a new Facebook group for agency owners and administrators.  Says founder Bruce Berglind, “There are some really good Facebook homecare groups already.  In fact, I’m a member of some.  They superbly address marketing and organization.  We are “that other homecare group,” focusing on seemingly random topics like efficiency, compliance, scheduling, wage and hour law including live-in care and other homecare oddities, payroll, billing, managerial accounting, and bookkeeping.”

Berglind is the president of Frax (homecare support services) and SwyftOps (homecare operating software), and the group will be moderated by leadership at those companies.  It is expected that those solutions will be frequently mentioned for illumination or comparison purposes, and Berglind makes no apology for that.  “We make no pretense.  Homecare MemoRandom is not a vendor-free zone.  After all, we are a vendor!”  Regardless, the emphasis will be topical, while solutions, associated or otherwise, will be suggested when fitting.

Launching on April Fools’ Day 2021, the environment will have some attitude and dry humor.  “We intend to be irreverent but not crude; edgy but not political; and most of all helpful but not preachy.”

The group will be successful when its members and moderators mutually discover some entertainment, some edification, and some education.

Charter memberships are free and may be requested at: www.facebook.com/groups/homecarememorandom/ or by searching Facebook for “Homecare MemoRandom”

Frax has since 2009 provided domestic outsourcing options for homecare agencies.  These are known as Frax Front Office (24/7 concierge-level telephone coverage), Frax First Aide (after-hours scheduling support), and Frax Back Office (a comprehensive package of payroll, billing and general ledger bookkeeping).  Learn more at www.FraxOutsourcing.com.

SwyftOps is a core system and overall software solution for a homecare business.  Its startup-to-enterprise scalability frees subscribers to focus on quality of care and business growth.  It’s a secure HIPAA-compliant vault for employee and client data, and strategically combines that data to offer and assign shifts, and formulate schedules.  It’s an EVV-compliant timekeeping and privacy-assured communication tool.  It’s an FLSA gross payroll calculator, and an invoice generator for both simple and complex payer scenarios.  SwyftOps includes a mini-CRM for early business development.  It’s both the origin of and destination for assessments and care plans, for care notes, and a permanent document archive.  Learn more at www.SwyftOps.com.

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