Home care businesses have had to scramble to adapt to the limitations imposed by a global pandemic. Now that we are emerging from the chaos and entering the new normal, it’s a good time to look forward to the rest of 2021 and beyond. How can your home care business improve its efficiency while remaining flexible in the face of uncertainty? Smart software can solve a number of your problems.

1. Secure Your Data

Data security has been shaken to its core. When all of your employees operate through a central facility, it’s relatively easy to control access to data and avoid accidents. However, now that more workers are operating remotely, your data is often being sent across insecure channels.

If you don’t follow proper data security protocols, you could easily find yourself dealing with a data breach. Not only do breaches do serious damage to your reputation as a company, but they also can lead to hefty fines and lawsuits. Home care businesses regularly deal with sensitive information that needs to be protected.

If you manage your documents by hand, human error will eventually rear its ugly head. The solution is to put your trust in software that was designed with compliance in mind.

2. Digitize Everything

One of the challenges of remote work is transferring information to operators and care providers in a timely manner. If you relied on paper documents, then you probably ran into this problem quite early in 2020. The problem isn’t just limited to patient information. You’ve got timetables, shift schedules, payroll documents, and so much more.

If you’re managing these various documents with an array of computer programs, or worse yet pen and paper, you’re losing precious time and increasing your risk. Software like SwyftOps will digitize everything and centralize access to your business’s vital information. SwyftOps provides unlimited data storage, so there is no need to worry about saving anything locally outside of the system.

Once you’ve digitized all of your documents, you’ll find that you get work done in less time and your team will be more productive as a result.

3. Automate the Tedious Tasks

Another advantage of software for home care businesses is that you can use it to automate some of your most repetitive tasks. For example, you can stop performing payroll calculations by hand if you’ve got a system that knows exactly how many hours everyone has worked and what their pay rates are. You can even automate messaging with your clients and staff.

Automation is key to your growth as a home care business. You can’t scale up your company efficiently if your only solution is to hire more people. The best way to expand is to make your existing processes as efficient as possible. If you find yourself doing the same task over and over on your own, you might be ready to move to a better platform that does this work for you.

Automation also makes it easier to plan ahead. When you receive an automated alert letting you know that a certification or credential is about to expire, you can file your paperwork in a timely manner, instead of having a license expire and having to scramble to resolve the issue. SwyftOps solves this issue and many more.

4. Fortify Your EVV and HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA has been already been in place for decades, but patient data privacy continues to evolve. The 21st Century Cures Act called for every state to create an EVV system for home care services by 2023. While some states’ systems are still in development, others have already begun implementing their systems. What does this mean for home care businesses?

The EVV reporting systems that states are installing will require you to report your service visits and detail the services provided. But this doesn’t have to be an additional bureaucratic burden on your home care operations if you have the right tools at your disposal.

With a software solution like SwyftOps, you can automate the recording of EVV-related information and output your reports instantly. It’s fully compliant with data transmission and privacy protocols, and if a state modifies or updates its regulations we’ll be sure to push an update out to every client. Likewise, the software was developed with HIPAA compliance built-in so that you can store data properly and prevent breaches.

5. Get Better Support

Does a lump form in your throat when you see a string of holidays coming up? Do those late hours and weekends give you the jitters? Far too many home care companies suffer from a lack of quality customer support in these off-hours. Don’t settle for less than 24/7/365 customer support.

Providing patient care means you need to be ready at a moment’s notice. There’s no excuse for failing to deliver a quality service to your patients. It’s for this reason that many service providers are hesitant to rely on electronic systems entirely, as they fear an outage could harm their business. However, you have no need to worry when you choose a software solution with high uptime, excellent reliability, and always-on support.

If you ever have a problem with SwyftOps, we’re ready to help. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 AM or Christmas Eve, someone will be there to take your call, email, or live chat and help you get things working again. We’re committed to pushing the industry in the right direction, and we believe quality customer support is essential to that goal.  

Many Problems, One Solution

One of the smartest moves you can make for 2021 and beyond is to upgrade your software to a solution that’s ready for the future. If you’re still not sure whether SwyftOps is right for you, then visit SwyftOps and request a demo. We can show you our software features firsthand and help you find ways to improve your business operations. Home care doesn’t have to be hard, and it won’t be with SwyftOps.

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